Math CP Anglais

The uneStar MATH CP app is for kids ages 6-7 wanting to revisit and test themselves intensely while having fun on the CP program. With more than 165 lessons and 1,500 questions, the uneStar MATH CP app will keep your child, your class or yourself busy looking through CP’s program while having fun and making it a star app in its class.
UneStar MATH CP includes many exercises imaged on:


learn them, know how to compare them and know how to put them away,

the Calculation:

knowing how to add and subtract, tens and units, the multiplication table by 2,


to be in space, geometric shapes, grids,


the lengths, the masses, the currency, the calendar, the durations and knowing how to read the time

and much more!

The application uneStar MATH CP is also accompanied in limited version of a version for French.

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